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Related article: Date: Tue, 5 Oct 2010 12:42:35 -0700 (PDT) From: alex boulder Subject: Caught Masturbating loli top sex by a CopThis is a true story with adult sexual themes, intended for mature adult audiences only. If you are under age 21, or if it is illegal where you live, do not read this story. This story has gay themes, do not read this story if such content offends you.I am a chronic penis masturbator, I love to jack off, and when I get really horny I especially love to get naked outdoors or someplace that I really should not be, such as an abandoned building or a construction site, and stroke my dick. I am also an exhibitionist, and often take digital pictures of myself masturbating in different places and post them in various internet groups.One day I was driving out in the countryside and I passed an old barn that seemed to be abandoned. There was no-one around, and the field around it was all overgrown. I was feeling horny already, and had been playing with myself as I was driving, rubbing myself through my pants, feeling my erection get harder and harder as I groped myself. When I saw the barn I pulled over to investigate. I parked off the road next to the barn, grabbed my camera, and walked all around. Sure enough, it seemed to have been deserted for years. It was easy to pry open one of the big doors up one end, it was not locked, and I slipped inside. The barn was half full of rusting old farm equipment and old hay bales. A great location to get naked and jerk off! Quickly I stripped to my underwear and set my camera up on a cross beam between two posts and used the self timer to tale pictures of myself posing with a nude preteen model loli tent in my briefs russian loli pussy on the hay bales and on the old farm equipment. I wanked my cock through the tightly stretched fabric of my underpants, stoking my hard shaft through the soft cotton, caressing my balls through the pouch. Soon I was dripping pre-cum into my briefs, making a sticky wet spot on the front.After a while I slipped my briefs off, my cock was hard as a rock. I took more pictures of myself stroking my hard cock sitting on old tractors, laying in the hay, straddling big wooden beams etc, I was getting really worked up. I stroked my cock faster and faster, harder and harder, moaning and panting now, a light sheen of sweat breaking out all over my naked body. I grabbed my balls in one hand and tugged on them as I pounded my cock with my other hand, my fist flying up and down my cock. Finally I stood with my legs slightly apart and leant back against one of the big wood columns wanking my throbbing shaft like crazy. I was close to cumming, and no longer paying attention to anything except my cock.Suddenly I was aware of a movement out of the corner of my eye. What happened next happened in ultra slow motion. I started to turn my head towards 3d loli gallery the movement, even as I continued to stroke my dick. I became dimly aware that the movement was lolicon angel the big barn door shuddering, and for some reason I optimistically thought the russian loli pussy wind must be blowing against the door. I continued to turn towards the door and to my horror a face began to appear around the door! I stopped stroking my dick at this point but my hard-on did not subside yet. The door kept opening further, I saw with shock that the face belonged to a cop in uniform! We locked eyes for a few seconds and he looked as shocked as I felt. He actually paused halfway through the door, and I paused with my hand suspended on my hard cock, then he was rushing towards me and I was diving for my clothes! I grabbed my briefs and wrestled them on over the top of my boner (why hadn't it gone down yet?!) then grabbed the next thing that came to hand, which unfortunately was my shirt, not my pants. I was shaking so much that I could not get my shirt on, I was still struggling with it when the cop rushed up to me and yelled at me to put it down.I dropped the shirt and stood there in front of him in just my underwear, my dick finally going limp. He walked right up to within inches of me, very intimidating in his uniform with gun and nightstick and handcuffs. He was yelling at me, calling me a pervert, asking me what I was doing, naked in the barn, threatening to arrest me, telling me everybody would find out what a pervert I was. I mumbled some excuse about needing a bathroom, which was obviously ridiculous. He carried on yelling at me for some time. He told me loli pedo gallery that the owner of the barn was worried about vandals setting fire to it and he saw my car there so was checking out what I was doing. After a while I realized he was not really going to arrest me, he was just trying to scare the shit out of me, which he succeeded in doing. Towards the end I started to fantasize a little about him handcuffing me to the post and getting his big cop dick out and forcing me to suck him off, but that caused me to start getting a hard-on again while he was still standing inches from me yelling at me so I tried not to think about it!Eventually he told me to get dressed and he stood and watched me as I did so. There was something hot about having him watch me get dressed, and my cock got hard again as I was pulling my clothes back on. After I was dressed I grabbed camera and I ran out of there, very grateful not to have been arrested, but feeling horny as hell all over again.I drove away from there fast, feeling scared but horny, and rubbing my throbbing boner through my pants again. I actually unzipped my pants and pulled my cock right out and wanked my hard shaft while I was still driving. I was so horny, I was masturbating with one hand and steering with the other. As soon as I was reasonably far away from the barn I turned down a minor side road, pulled over in a reasonably secluded area and parked. korean loli I ripped my pants and underwear down and grabbed my cock in both hands. Leaning back in my seat I closed my eyes and imagined myself back in that barn. As I masturbated my rigid, swollen penis I extrem lolit again imagined that the cop had handcuffed me naked to one of the posts in the barn. I imagined him forcing me to my knees on the dirt floor, and then unzipping his pants and slowly pulling out his extrem lolit big cop dick, holding my head in his hands and forcing me to suck his big, thick cock, ramming it down my throat, thrusting his hips, fucking my face. I imagined him shooting his cum all over my naked body, then leaving me handcuffed to the post, going back to his car and radioing all his buddies. One by one they came in to the barn to abuse me. I imagined a circle of cops in uniform standing around me with their big cocks hanging out of their pants, laughing at me, pissing on me, making me suck them off or wank their cocks, kneeling loli pics porn in the dirt with a cock in my mouth and a cock in each hand, till they shot their cum all over me, till I was covered in cop cum. I jacked my cock harder and harder as I imagined this, my hips korean loli bucking in my car seat, thrashing around, moaning loudly, till suddenly loli links nymphets my whole body went rigid and I had the most incredible orgasm, shooting stream after stream of hot cum all over myself, imagining as the cum splashed all over me that it was cop cum landing on me.Afterwards I cleaned the cum up with my underwear then tossed the cummy undies out of the window. I pulled my pants up and drove slowly home, thinking that my dick had nearly got me into a lot of trouble, but I had had one hell of a good wank!If you liked this story let me know. My email is